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  • 100% HALAL
  • 100% Organic Food
  • 100% Fresh Not Chemicals

We are wholesale suppliers, bulk exporters of Chicken Feet. Our Chicken Feet are of HALAL and our advanced production facilities are ISO certified.

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Buy Frozen Chicken Feet, Considering our esteemed collaboration with only reputable growers, we are able to source and supply Frozen Chicken Feet in huge quantities and very affordable prices. We Froze Chicken Paws and different chicken cuts at very affordable prices.

Our ability to export globally, with our main demands coming from Hong Kong, China and Vietnam and what a few, we ensure that all birds are grown in farms that meet all ISO, HALAL and other health regulations in place.

These delicacies can be packed in customized boxes / label upon request.


  • No yellow skin
  • No excess blood
  • Blasted at -40 degrees Celsius
  • No black pads
  • 11 cm (min) – 15 cm (max) in length
  • Packed in 15 or 20 kg plastic bags / carton box
  • Store at -20 degrees Celsius
  • Meet health standards for human consumption
  • Halal certificate or Health Certificate

Key features of our Frozen Chicken Feet:

Premium quality chicken feet
Flash-frozen for optimal freshness
Unique flavour and texture

Our chicken feet are carefully selected and flash-frozen for ultimate freshness. They’re the perfect ingredient for your simmering dishes, adding a rich and satisfying flavour that other ingredients can’t match. With their unique texture, they also provide a natural thickening agent to your soups and broths, making them heartier and more satisfying.

Benefits of our Frozen Chicken Feet:

Rich and satisfying flavour
Adds a unique texture to your dishes
Conveniently packaged and easy to store

Add depth and flavour to your cooking with our Frozen Chicken Feet. They’re perfect for any kitchen, providing a unique twist to traditional recipes and elevating your dishes to new heights. With their convenience and quality, you can easily add this secret ingredient to your cooking, giving your dishes a little extra love. Buy Frozen Chicken Feet

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