Halal Frozen chicken wholesale near me / Buy Halal Frozen chicken wholesale / Order Halal Frozen chicken

Here are some options for finding Halal frozen chicken wholesale suppliers near you:

1. **Crescent Foods**: Known for their high-quality Halal hand-cut meat products, Crescent Foods offers a range of chicken options, including whole chickens, drumsticks, wings, and boneless skinless breasts. They supply both retail and wholesale customers, and their products are available at various locations. You can contact them directly through their website to find a supplier near you【7†source】.

2. **US Halal Frozen**: This company is a major distributor of Halal frozen chicken and beef. They offer a wide variety of poultry products including whole chickens, chicken breasts, leg quarters, and wings. They emphasize quality and freshness, ensuring that their products are vacuum-sealed and minimally processed to maintain quality. They also handle export documentation and customs clearance, making them a reliable wholesale supplier【8†source】.

3. **Hal&Al Wholesale**: This supplier provides Zabiha Halal meat for restaurants and retail stores. They offer a range of chicken products and are certified by Halal Monitoring Services (HMS). Their distribution centers are located in several states, and they offer services to restaurants and other businesses looking for wholesale Halal meat products【9†source】.

4. **HalalWorldDepot**: While primarily an online retailer, HalalWorldDepot offers a variety of Halal meat products, including breaded chicken tenders and nuggets. They have special bundles and free shipping options, which can be beneficial for bulk orders【10†source】.

For specific locations and to place orders, it’s best to contact these suppliers directly through their websites or customer service numbers. This will help you find the nearest distribution center or arrange for delivery.

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