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You can find frozen halal chicken at several places near you:

1. **Crescent Foods** – Available at Walmart locations and through their website. They offer a variety of halal chicken products including whole chickens, drumsticks, and wings【7†source】【8†source】.

2. **US Halal Frozen** – They provide a wide range of halal frozen chicken products, ensuring they meet strict halal standards. Their products are available for bulk purchase and they offer custom cuts and packaging【9†source】.

3. **Halal World Depot** – This online store offers a variety of halal meat products, including frozen chicken. They provide free shipping on bundles and have a range of options like breaded chicken nuggets【10†source】.

4. **Instacart** – You can order halal frozen chicken for delivery or pickup from local grocery stores using the Instacart app. This service connects you with personal shoppers who will deliver your groceries to your door【11†source】.

These options provide convenient ways to purchase halal frozen chicken either online or in-store.

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