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 There are several manufacturers in Brazil known for producing and exporting frozen chicken feet. Here are a few notable companies:

1. **BRF S.A. (Brasil Foods)**

   – One of the largest food companies in Brazil, BRF S.A. produces a wide range of poultry products, including chicken feet. They have a strong presence in both domestic and international markets.

2. **JBS S.A.**

   – JBS is another major player in the Brazilian meat industry, known for its extensive range of poultry products. They export chicken feet to various countries around the world.

3. **Seara Alimentos (a subsidiary of JBS)**

   – Seara is well-known for its high-quality poultry products, including chicken feet. They focus on sustainable and ethical production practices.

4. **Minerva Foods**

   – Minerva Foods is a significant exporter of beef and poultry products, including chicken feet. They have a strong export business to markets such as Asia and the Middle East.

5. **Aurora Alimentos**

   – Aurora is a cooperative that produces and exports various meat products, including chicken feet. They are known for their commitment to quality and safety.

6. **Marfrig Global Foods**

   – Marfrig is another large Brazilian meatpacking company that produces and exports chicken feet among other poultry products.

These companies have established themselves asĀ reliable suppliers of frozen chicken feetĀ in the global market. If you are looking to contact them, visiting their official websites or contacting their export departments would be a good start.

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